Why Choose 2SP Sports

“Here at 2SP, we’re dedicated to getting the results you want in a challenging, safe, championship atmosphere. The strength and conditioning training programs are unlike any you’ve experience. Our certified staff designs every program and individually tailors them to your strength goals and conditioning level. Your training program will always grow and change to keep you challenged, physically and mentally”

Joe Neal – 2SP Owner and Founder

Training Programs

Our training programs are designed on a solid foundation of principals and components that separate us from the industry. These principles and components have been developed from countless hours of study, application, mentorship seminars, but most importantly from our experiences training athletes and adult clientele. Each phase of training provides a favorable pre-requisite for the following period of training. This planned sequence provides a safe, productive environment and a results driven atmosphere for each athlete. As a result of the unique combination of science and practical application, 2SP has been recognized as an elite training company in Michigan.

Our workout components are strategically, logistically and individually structured to create a recipe for success. They are methodically planned…the exercise selection, intensity and duration are changed every phase to provide a favorable adaptation stimulus.

2SP has trained 100’s of athletes from all sports as well as adult clients. Whether your goal is to feel better, look better or perform better…we will provide you with the program that works for you


Learn how to train properly

A major component of every training program is education. By providing athletes with the education on proper movement, nutrition choices, and recovery techniques, athletes are better prepared to improve their physical performance. This will greatly decrease their potential for injury and creating sustainable performances during their athletic career.
At the same time, allowing them to continue proper training techniques outside of our facility.


Every athlete receives an personalized program

In order to achieve maximum results, 2SP builds training programs so that each athlete has a program tailored specifically to their individual goals. Before starting any program, an assessment is performed to measure an individual’s physical state. This ensures your individual program will be safe while building a solid foundation of strength. We also provide nutritional guidance with pre- and post-training supplementation along with meal strategies designed to maximize gains and help athletes reach their body composition goals.

These steps allow 2SP to create a customized training program designed to better support the needs and goals of each individual.

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