Strength & Conditioning Coach Description:

2SP Sports Performance is a full-service training company with multiple locations throughout southeast Michigan. Founded in 2007 by Joe Neal, Director of Athlete Performance, 2SP Sports has been committed to bettering athletes for over a decade. 2SP fosters a competitive championship atmosphere dedicated to challenging athletes to grow both mentally and physically. 2SP coaches believe that fitness, injury pre-habilitation, and peak athletic performance are built from the ground up through functional, movement-based training. 2SP utilizes proven exercise, consistent training methodology and proper equipment to strengthen the core, balance the musculoskeletal system, and improve upon the fundamental aspects of human movement. 2SP training methods are strategically, logistically and individually structured to fit every athlete from youth to professional sports. Candidates will begin with an in-house acclimation period working with our experienced staff.

  • Conduct training sessions including dynamic warm-up and flexibility drills, multi-direction speed and agility drills, plyometric drills, core stabilization; including medicine ball work, upper and lower body strength training
  • Daily setup and maintenance of the training center including post-session break down and clean up, pre-session set up, and immediate reporting or any broken or malfunctioning equipment
  • Report to expected shifts as scheduled directed by head coach at designated facility
  • Report to coaching staff meetings
  • Assist and collaborate with staff personnel
  • Assist with front office and administrative tasks as needed
  • Chart keeping and programming for athletes as needed
  • Other duties as assigned at the discretion of 2SP Staff
  • Expected to work 35 hours per week
  • Be able to give and receive constructive feedback and engage in learning environment daily
  • Meet the physical demands of performing demonstrations for athletes and clientele
  • Demonstrate an understanding and application of the sports performance methods and techniques associated with 2SP Sports Performance
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with athletes, staff and other clientele
  • Ability to think critically and problem solve on a daily basis
  • Demonstrate an understanding and application of mental skills applied to athletics and language of coaching
Recommended Qualifications:
  • Have knowledge in the field of strength & conditioning
  • Have previous experience in a fitness environment
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Excel
  • Carry a certification
We Offer:
  • A fast-paced, ever-changing and exciting environment
  • Health benefits after 90 days
  • Full-time, salary position
  • PTO package after 51 weeks of employment

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