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Performance Training Program Review

After years of working with professional and other elite level athletes, we’ve come to understand the expectation and unwavering necessity of the genuine results top-level athletes require for training. Just as much, the scope of services must not only be convenient, but also superior to the standard even good institutions might follow.

Your objectives for injury rehabilitation and recovery as well as performance enhancement and preparation for the next season are crucial to your success. Anything less than a masterfully designed, well-executed and comprehensive program will leave you short of achieving your off-season objectives.

The 2SP Sports Performance Training Package rivals that of any other performance training institution qualified to address the unique needs of advanced athletes. You will access to train and receive the concierge level services you require, as frequently as necessary. There are no per session charges only one flat rate for all of the services you need during the entire off-season. We’ve created this program to provide our select, uncompromising clientele the highest level of service and attention to their off-season objectives.

Overall Program Focus

Sports Skill Development
Mental and Physical Development
Mobility and Flexibility
Nutritional Guidance
Personalized Program


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