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Speed School Overview

Speed is a skill that can be taught to any athlete who desires to excel in their particular sport(s). While there is a limitation to the degree of improvement that can be made to an athlete’s linear speed, most athletes can refine their current training in order to take advantage of abilities that are simply lying dormant due to improper and/or ineffective training strategies.

Athletes, in large part, have similar strengths and weaknesses. This is due to the fact that they likely never been taught the correct way to think and move when running, making significant gains to speed and technique is simply a matter of repetition and instruction.

We also must develop the overall athlete in order to maximize speed. Our linear speed training program is built around developing the five biomotor abilities: speed, strength, coordination, mobility and endurance. By building an athlete’s proficiency in these five categories of development, our coaches can prescribe the appropriate training protocols facilitating maximal speed gains. Additionally, within these parameters, we can layer the appropriate verbal and physical cues that will teach athletes the skill of running. It is important that athletes understand that in order to achieve their speed goal

Location and Times

2SP Madison Heights

Wednesdays 8:30 pm & Saturdays 9:00 am

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Equipment Used

Run Rocket
Sprint Sleds
Pocket Radar
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$45 for Drop-In