Mastermind Program

Mastermind Program

2SP's athlete cognitive development and training program

So what exactly is it?

Senaptec is visual and cognitive training.

Senaptec covers the 10 visual characteristics of sports: Visual clarity, depth perception, contrast sensitivity, near-far-quickness, perception span, multiple object tracking, reaction time, target capture, eye-hand- coordination and go/no go decision making.These are all fancy words for things the athlete already battles when they are on the ice, field, or court. (e.g.) eliminating swinging at bad pitches (baseball), or tracking offensive and defensive players while maintaining focus on the target (hockey, lacross, football, soccer, volleyball)

Here at 2SP we realize that there is no abiding success without commitment. There is a limit to how strong and fast we get but there is no limit to what the mind can do. Just as the athlete is committed to achieving great things, we are committed to providing them the best possible training and opportunity to guide them towards their goals.

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Program Details:

  • Evaluation
    • Tests the 10 visual characteristics of sports and sets the foundation for the rest of the month
  • Training
    • (8) 30 minute sessions. high intensity sessions:
      • Day 1: Introduction, Sensory Evaluation, Skills Evaluation On Turf (on video), Creating A Game Plan And a Goal
      • Day 2: Becoming Familiar With the Training Dynamics and Understanding the Process, Learning Soft Focus Techniques and Attacking Visual Weaknesses Via Sensory Machine, Turf Work With Strobe Glasses (sport specific drills)
      • Day 3: Saccadic Eye Muscle Training (quick twitch eye movements), Target Capture, Multiple Object Tracking, Depth Perception, Contrast Sensitivity, Near Far Quickness and more
      • Day 4: Capitalizing On Strengths, Attacking Weaknesses, 2 Week Evaluation Update, Skills Evaluation On Turf (on video), Goal Tracking
      • Day 5: Repetition
      • Day 6: Repetition
      • Day 7: Repetition
      • Day 8: Record Day, Athlete Spends First Half Trying To Break Personal and National Records, Followed By More Repetition Training, Goal Setting For Next Month

Check out this video on cognitive development!